About Us

No labels ~ just love

At Sugar Momo we don't believe that a size or a label should define who you are. Rather than trying to "fit" into a certain size category, we'd rather adorn ourselves with free flowing, beautiful, comfortable fabrics that we feel great in! We specialize in one of a kind clothing and accessories from around the world. 


Everyday we wake up and decide what we're going to wear. We daydream of tropical adventures, where the wind plays with our hair, and the sun shines on our skin. Sugar Momo was inspired by our love of colorful vibrant patterns. Our curiosity of other cultures lead us to discover the world of Fair Trade, and gave us an understanding of how our daily decisions can have a direct impact on the lives and wellbeing of others. 

With Sugar Momo, you can vicariously travel to hidden corners of the world, play in markets and street fairs, and find a collection of treasures that are just as unique as you are. Our products not only bring joy to our buyers, but also to those who were responsible for creating them. By purchasing fair trade products, you are part of collective movement for the betterment of those not as fortunate as ourselves.
Last but definatley not least, Sugar Momo carries a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry, all made on the Big Island of Hawaii. From crystals, to seashells, to glittering gold chain, our jewelry is inspired by the beauty around us. We would not be where we are today without our passion for designing, creating, and sharing our treasures with those we meet from all over the world. 
Every single one of us is unique and special in our own way, and our individual beauty should be enhanced by wearing what makes us feel good! May your wardrobe be an endless vacation with Sugar Momo!